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Rue's server application Empty Rue's server application

Post  Rue_Ryuzaki_564 on Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:44 am

First Name:

E-Mail Address:

What is your MC Ingame Name?: Rue_Ryuzaki_564

How Did you hear about us?: I found you through google by looking for survival servers.

Do you have any extensive experience in building designed: I have made mansions, underwater domes, buildings and have made towns with lots of houses and architecture

How old are you?: 15

Why Should we Accept your Application?: I am looking for a new server , and i am quite respectful towards other players.

What skills can you bring to our server?: I am quite the redstone engineer and have made many mobs traps . the one i am most proud of would be my blaze crusher.

What other Online Games you play: At the moment i only play minecraft but i have been planning to get other games.


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Rue's server application Empty Re: Rue's server application

Post  Steve_the_Pirate on Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:19 pm

Yeah you know me the kid who aparently trolled the server when I asked to see a rule aparently that is trolling. Sorry Marcus your cool but you run your server like a retarded hippopotamus. sorry to break it to you but there was a reason why sooks, killer, and I griefed your server with worldedit and that is because you don't know the diffrence between trolling and reason.
Jerm is the perfect example he called aecarasone a slut and you didn't do anything I say I love you jerm and I get kicked. You think you know how to run your server but lets face it you have had as much experiance moderating as a dog does with typing an application for college. Everyone who thinks I am wrong should go look at the next time warking bans an innocent person.
I will see you guys later. Peace Niggas.

Steve_Pirate is signing out.


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