How I became a zombiepigman.

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How I became a zombiepigman. Empty How I became a zombiepigman.

Post  loganmn on Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:33 pm

Hey you guys! It is I and I have a storie to tell you. The story of how I got my skin. It all started back when I fist got Minecraft, and I was a newbie. Me and my in-real-life friend Jude (Or Duck Voyager) made a private server, and started a new world. Soon we found a Jungle and set up base there. The next Minecraft day we stopped working on the basement, and he said "Brb. Im going to show you something awesome!". And after a few minutes, he came back WITH a awesome fire-wizard type skin! Of course I didn't know how skins worked (I was new back then), but he asked what skin I wanted. I heard of the discontinued pigman deep in the bowels of Minecraft, so I said "I want to be a pigman!". So he came over to my side of the table, and helped me download a skin. I logged back in to our server ,and was suprised to find, I was a *zombie*pigman! I was confused, but I loved it so much that I kept it. A long time later, I found a zombiepigman in a suit and it was awesome! So I customized it a bit, and out came my skin! I hope you enjoyed my story! Your's truly, loganmn.

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