Goodbye, Epicshire. I'll miss you.

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Goodbye, Epicshire. I'll miss you. Empty Goodbye, Epicshire. I'll miss you.

Post  loganmn on Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:42 pm

I hope you guys keep enjoying this server (If its ever up) And remember me as the fun awesome zombiepigman in a suit. I love this server, but I cant spend my very limited money (no allowence or job) On a server that might not ever be up. Again, im not trying to be a downer, this is just my official goodbye to Epicshire. I would post this on the new site, but its pay-for-access. So, goodbye to whoever reads this. Also, if you want to see my house and other builds I helped buil the giant sign at spawn and my house is right beside jumbocookie's hotel. (the random furnace was placed by a greifer Mad ) So, goodbye Epicshire. You've been fun. Goodbye to Jumbocookie or Aaron. Goodbye to Warking. And goodbye to everyone. Thanks for the memories.
As always, finnaly and lastly
-Loganmn, zombiepigman

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